Geert Vennix architecte

Geert Vennix architecte has his origin in the Netherlands, but it is operating in and from the Hautes Alpes, France since 2009. The office is based in Les Vigneaux, a small village in the Vallouise valley on the doorstep of the Ecrins National Park.

From the Netherlands I got my love for contemporary architecture. Here in France I developed a special sense for a modern type of regionalism. These two qualities combined provide me with the tools to design contemporary architecture, perfectly integrated in the spectacular (alpine) surroundings.

I am working for French and International clients from my studio in Les Vigneaux. The emphasis lies on single family houses and small apartment buildings. Both new and renovation. But my portfolio has bars, restaurants, hotels, offices and industrial buildings in it as well.

In the Netherlands I still work for customers that develop special apartment buildings and restaurants, mainly in the Amsterdam area.


One of the best things of being an architect is to be able to design projects for, and together with clients.
Based on your demands and desires I will draw up a first sketch. This first sketch will be the starting point of a process of modifications and improvements of the design. Your input in this process is very valuable. The exchange of ideas between the architect and the client enables the project to develop.

Designing an architectural project is an iterative process, some things work, some don’t. Thus we are building this special building tailored to your demands and desires.

Because I speak Dutch, English, French and German, and because of my experience in the daily French building practice I am your perfect partner for building in the Hautes Alpes or the Provence.


Having an sense for sustainability goes without saying for me.

We spent a lot of our time in and around buildings, whether it is our house, our office or any other type of building. Therefore it is important that these buildings provide a healthy and pleasant environment. Materials, light, colour and the possibility to adapt the building are important themes in my projects. Because a comfortable, flexible and functional building is a building that will last for long. And a long lasting building is a durable building.

Of course there is the importance to keep the energy consumption of a building as low as possible, to limit costs and to save our planet. This will be a capital theme during the design process:

  • by taking in to account the orientation of the building towards the sun
  • by an excellent thermal insulation
  • by an intelligent use of building installations (heating, cooling, ventilation, hot water etc)
  • by an intelligent use of sustainable materials.

Recent Projects